Consumer Features

Welcome To The Future of Lending

Everything You Need To Find Effective Loan Services

  • VerificoTM offers the only secure marketplace to find alternative loan options.
  • Search for loans with a pro.
  • All loans on the VerificoTM Verified Marketplace have passed the Six Points VerificationTM process.
  • View approval criteria and enroll in loan services on the spot.

Safely Pay Your Consultants With PAYvTM

  • Immediately send secure payments directly to your consultant.
  • Never worry about sending checks anywhere or having third parties see your credit card.

Your Data has Never been more Secure Ever

VerificoTM uses the same 128-bit encryption and physical security that banks use.

Access Everything All in One Place

  • Consumer progress updated automatically online.
  • Easily track and manage all dashboard activity.
  • Maintain paperless files.
  • Easily manage every application you enroll in and monitor communication with other users.
  • Check balance and submit payments through PAYvTM.