About Verifico

Verification Process

Company and/or Personal Identification Verification

In order to ensure security, Verifico collects copies of all personal identification information. Once collected, Verifico verifies these documents for validity and stores them in our archives. This allows us to feel confident in the identity of whom we are verifying, and have the proper information on file in case actions must be taken against any company.

Company Background Check

Checking the background of any company that we verify is an important process in verifying the reliability of their services. A company's background can provide insight and clear indications of their future practices.

Personal Background Check

In addition to a background check of the company profile, Verifico also completes a full personal background check of officers of the company being verified. We feel that the foundation of any company is its people; those who work to shape it into what the world experiences. With this in mind, checking the background of the people on which the business is based can give valuable insight into any foundational strengths and/or weaknesses that assist in a proper evaluation.

BBB Report Review

The Better Business Bureau is one of the most respected and well-known sources of information regarding the validity of businesses across the US and Canada. Although some companies choose not to list with the BBB, if a company does choose to list with them, the information and ratings from this bureau give yet another gauge of a broker company's reliability and trustworthiness.

Scam Alert Database Check

With the increasing awareness of consumers and their direct participation in taking action against fraudulent companies and individuals, access to various scam databases has become essential in evaluating any company with which one chooses to do business. Scam databases provide specific case-by-case insight into the past actions, accusations, and/or convictions of fraudulent companies. Information found in these databases is taken and analyzed for validity, then calculated into the Verifico Verification Process.

Submission of 2-4 Direct Client References

Knowing the effectiveness of a company's product or service is important when verifying their claims. By collecting information and interviewing real people who have experienced a company first hand, Verifico is able to make a more educated evaluation of each company seeking verification.